About Us

Show Plate is the UK's fastest growing car show plate designer and supplier. Our customised show plates are manufactured to the highest British standards, and can be used on cars, bikes, vans and motorbikes.

At Show Plate, we create your unique number plate with the high quality materials at an affordable price. We have a large selection of bespoke number plate designs that will ensure your vehicle stands out from the crowd.

To design and preview your perfect show number plate, go to our free customised plate designer here. With lots of advanced design features, our Number Plate Designer enables you to customise almost every detail on your vehicle show plate.

We all aspire to buying our dream car, whether it is a Ferrari, Aston Martin or even a Volvo - the car you actually own is largely dictated by your budget. Whatever car you own, you want it to reflect your personality.

There are a number of ways to customise or upgrade your vehicle, whether you buy fancy alloys, expensive low-profile tyres, leather seats, or even a new paint job. Some people even choose a personalised number plate. All of these are great, but come at a premium price.

Adding show number plates to your car or bike is the easiest and most affordable way to customise your car. And the public agrees, as more and people are choosing to buy show plates, especially young people on a tight budget. So while you are still saving up to buy that Bugatti Veyron, Show Plate offers you the chance to customise the appearance of your number plate at a very low price.

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