Show Plates FAQ's

Q. What is a show plate?
A. Show Number Plates are customised plates for vehicles. Many people customise their number plates to showcase them off at car shows or exhibitions - hence the name show number plates, or show plates.

Q. Are show plates legal?
A. Show Number Plates are perfectly legal for show use. They can also be road-legal if they comply with DVLA regulations.

Q. How do I know if my show plate is road-legal?
A. DVLA rules stipulate that a road-legal plate can have no slogans, there can only be a single spacing between registration blocks, and registration entry has to be in black Standard/3D font. It is you responsibility to ensure your chosen design conforms to DVLA rules if you wish to use it for road use.

Q. Are our number plates guaranteed?
A. Yes. All of our show plates carry a full 12-month guarantee.

Q. How long do my show plates take to arrive?
A. We make bespoke plates to the highest standards, so your show plate will take 3-5 working days to manufacture. In addition, postage will usually take 1-2 working days.

Q. Do we pre-drill the holes in your show plates?
A. No, because vehicle holes are not in standard positions on vehicles.

Q. Can I cancel my order at anytime?
A. Show plates made as bespoke items, so can't be sold to anybody else. Therefore, we would strongly advise you contact us BEFORE placing an order if you have any queries. We are unable to offer refunds once the order has been processed.

Q. Can I use my own images on the plates you supply?
A. Yes. Simply send your image to us at, and we will add this to your plate design at a small additional charge.